Prof. Dr. Luqman Al-Nuaimy Professor, Director of Regional Studies Center

Turkey's Contemporary History

Editorial Manager

Prof. Dr. Mohammad A. Yonis Al_Obaidy Professor/ Regional Studies Center/ University of Mosul

Modern & Contemporary History

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Dr. Thaeir A. Saadon Alsamman Professor/ Dean of the College of Administration and Economics/ University of Mosul


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Dr. Nagham H. Neama Professor/ Dean of the College of Business Economics/

Business Administration/ Financial Management

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Dr. Qabas Hasan Awwad Professor/ College of law/ University of Mosul

Public finance and financial legislation

Editorial Board

Dr. Ibtisam M. Abid Al-Amiry Professor/ College of Political Systems University of Baghdad

Political Sciences/ Political Systems

Editorial Board

Dr. Emad S. Alshaikh Daood Professor/ College of Political Science, Al-Nahrain University

Political Sciences/ Intenational Relations

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Editorial Board

Dr. Jan Toporosk Economics and Finance Dep. of Economics, School of Oriental & African Studies, SOAS, University of London, UK

Economics and Finance

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Dr. Ahmat Uysal College of Political Science/ Istanbul University

Political Sociology

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Abedelhalim Ben Mechri Professor/ Editor-in-Chief of Judicial Jurisprudence Journal
Faculty of Law/ University of Biskra

Law/Rights and Criminal Law

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Dr. Nawfal Q. Al-Shahwan Assistant Professor/ Regional Studies Center / University of Mosul/ Iraq

Economic development

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Editorial Board

Dr. Ziyad A. Alnuaimy Assistant Professor/ College of Law/ University of Mosul

International law

Editorial Board

Dr. Amani G. Ahmad Jarrar Associate Professor/ College of Arts and Arts/Philadelphia University/ Jordan

Political Sciences/ The origins of political education

Editorial Board

Dr. Maryz Younes Assistant Professor/ Institute of Social Sciences/ Lebanese University

Economic & Social development

Editorial Board

Dr. Qais N. Rahi Center for Basra and Arabian Gulf Studies / University of Basra

Political Sciences/ Contemporary political theories

Editorial Board

Dr. Muharrem Hilmi ÖZEV Associate Professor/ Faculty of Economics/ Istanbul University

International Relations, Energy Security

Editorial Board

Dr. Mithaq Kh. Jaloud Assistant Professor/ Regional Studies Center/ University of Mosul/ Iraq

History of the Arabian Gulf