Aims and Scope


The Regional Studies Journal (RSJ) is a seasonal scientific journal, open access, peer-reviewed, scholarly publication aiming to promote human specialties, and presented them to researchers and academic students of Human specialties,  issued by the Center for Regional Studies at the University of Mosul since 2004, by four (4) Prepared annually.


The Journal of Regional Studies publishes research and studies on Iraq and regional neighboring countries in the following areas:

1. Modern and Contemporary History


- Turkey


-Arab Gulf countries

-Countries of the Levant

-Middle East & North Africa 

- Central Asian and Caucasus countries

- Balkan countries

- European countries

2. Political sciences

-Regional and international relations

- Foreign policy

- Public policies

- Political systems

- private law

- Public Law

-human rights


-International Economy

- Economic developmen

-Public Finance

- Accounting

5. Culture

6. sociology

7. psychology