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ردمد الإلكترونيّ (Online ISSN): 2664-2948

السنة 8, العدد 21

السنة 8، العدد 21، الشتاء 2011، الصفحة 9-369

Regional Studies Center- Mosul University 25 Years of Scientific Performance

Ibrahim Khalil Al-Allaf

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 8, العدد 21, الصفحة 9-21
معرّف الوثيقة الرقمي (DOI): 10.33899/regs.2011.6432

The research centers are considered today as Think Tanks in the
world. The advanced nations take serious interest in Think Tanks…
view makers such as politicians, parliamentarian, leaders, and others
are refer to them and make use of its researches and studies there fore,
when government of Iraq find the importance of these centers, so it
decided to establish many of centers in different fields of specialization.
The story of the establishment of our center belong to the days of Iran–
Iraq war, and at the half of it in particular.. since the necessity emerged
to establish two Think Tanks, the first concerns with Turkish affairs in
Mosul, while the second interests with Iranian affaires in Basrah.
Regarding to our ceuter, which was named at that time as Turkish
studies center, established according to the decree No.10 by the concil
of ministry of higher education and scientific research on August 24,
1985, since that time, the specialized lecturers of history, economics,
and political sciences in Mosul University have done their best, put
foundations of the center, and planned for its work

The Development of cyprus crısıs (1967-1983)

hanna Azoo Behnan

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 8, العدد 21, الصفحة 22-42
معرّف الوثيقة الرقمي (DOI): 10.33899/regs.2011.6433

The crisis of cyprus came out in the ýnternatýonal theatre after the
ýndepenence of cyprus ýn 1960 whých ýncluded two sects Turkýsh and
Greek Creek Cyprýots The crisis has been complicated during 1963-
1964) due to the declaration of the turkish goverment to intervence
the island by force.
. .... ... ... . . ..... ...... . .. .. ... . ...
The crisis emerged again in 1967 because of violence acts between
the two mentioned communities, and became more complicated as for
the recent developments in which cyprus has been witnessed sinc mid
of july 1974 till December 15, 1983, i.e. since the Greek military coup
in cyprus and the Turkish military landing till the decleration of the
Turkish Republic in north cyprus as an indepandert state.

Encouraging Economic Policies For Creative Entrepreneurship and Reform of Investment Environment in Iraq

Abdullah Fadhil Al-Hayali

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 8, العدد 21, الصفحة 43-73
معرّف الوثيقة الرقمي (DOI): 10.33899/regs.2011.6435

After 2003 ,Iraq has became suddenly infront of a different
economic system, new economic facts and emerging of a new
private sector role in investment, foreign trade and international
financial relations, in complete harmony with financial openness, the
trend of the state became standing on free economic market .The
state must provide an appropriate investment atmosphere and also
acting sponsoring Legislations. The law of investment No. (13) in
2006 is in harmony with the new trends. Incentive economic policies
of entrepreneurship growing is at the head of transformation
mechanisms in Iraqi economy. To reform investment environment
there must be stable economic and political atmosphere, little
corruption levels, right protecting of material and intellectual
property, stable Labour laws, the ability of private sector to enter
markets, and corporate governance active mechanisms. Asserting the
necessity of good governance culture, expanding experiences in
reading investing Laws

Research Paper

ترکیا وروسیا الاتحادیة: دراسة فی العلاقات السیاسیة 2000 – 2009

لقمان عمر محمود النعیمی

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 8, العدد 21, الصفحة 75-96
معرّف الوثيقة الرقمي (DOI): 10.33899/regs.2011.6437

یتناول هذا البحث العلاقات الثنائیة بین ترکیا وروسیا الاتحادیة فی المجال السیاسی والدبلوماسی، بین عامی (2000-2009)، إذ شهدت تلک العلاقات تطوراً کبیراً خلال هذه المدة التی تعد من أفضل السنوات فی تاریخ العلاقات بین الدولتین، وذلک بسبب تغیر الأنظمة السیاسیة فی کلا البلدین، وانتهاجها سیاسات خارجیة متوازنة وفاعلة فی محیطهما الإقلیمی، ساهمت فی تعزیز وتوثیق علاقاتهما الثنائیة، وتعمیق آفاق تعاونهما فی المجالات والمناطق المختلفة، فضلا عن تنسیق مواقفهما تجاه عدد من القضایا الحیویة ذات الاهتمام المشترک. وقد ساهمت الزیارات الرسمیة المتبادلة بین مسؤولی الدولتین فی تطویر تلک العلاقات، ونقلها إلى مستوى الشراکة الإستراتیجیة، عبر الاتفاقیات التی وقعت بین البلدین التی کان آخرها ما سمی بـ "الوثیقة الإستراتیجیة" فی شباط عام 2009، التی سوف تفتح آفاقا جدیدة للتعاون الاستراتیجی بین الدولتین.

إیران ومنظمة المؤتمر الإسلامی: دراسة تاریخیة-سیاسیة

محمد عبد الرحمن یونس العبیدی

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 8, العدد 21, الصفحة 97-120
معرّف الوثيقة الرقمي (DOI): 10.33899/regs.2011.6438

تعد منظمة المؤتمر الإسلامی إحدى أهم واکبر المنظمات الدولیة. وهذا ما أکدته مواقفها من القضایا الإسلامیة والدولیة، وقد ساهمت إیران بتأسیس هذه المنظمة منذ عام 1969، واشترکت فی معظم مؤتمراتها سواءَ على مستوى القمة أو على مستوى الوزراء، کما استضافت بدورها بعضا منها، کما کان لإیران نشاطات ثقافیة مع مرکز الأبحاث للتاریخ والفنون الإسلامیة باستانبول التابع لمنظمة المؤتمر الإسلامی، وقد حققت إیران ومن خلال عضویتها فی المنظمة انفتاحا واضحا فی علاقاتها الخارجیة فی عهد الرئیس محمد خاتمی مع الدول العربیة والإسلامیة والغربیة.

The role of "Israel Our Home" Party in the Israeli Political Life

Ibrahim Yusuf Ahmed Obaid; Abd al-Nasir Muhammad Abdullah Sroor

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 8, العدد 21, الصفحة 121-130
معرّف الوثيقة الرقمي (DOI): 10.33899/regs.2011.6429

This study aims to shed light on the role of the party "Israel Our
Home" in Israeli political life.
Since his participation for the first time in the fifteenth Knesset
elections in 1999 went up to the political arena, and becoming an
important place in the internal dynamics and outputs of the Israeli
political system.
They came to study in the context of four major joints, namely:
First, the conditions established, the growth factors and the rise
of the party, and the historical background of its inception. And the
second party's role in political participation (the parliament and
government coalitions), the third, the position of the party of
Palestinian 48 (termed Israeli Arabs), and the fourth position of the
war to the peace process and Palestinian state.
The methodology of the study in the analysis, was based on the
technique of analysis of political behavior.

The Future of Political System in Arab Maghreb: Algeria As An Example

Kifah Abbas Ramadan

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 8, العدد 21, الصفحة 151-179
معرّف الوثيقة الرقمي (DOI): 10.33899/regs.2011.6431

Since early 1990’s, a state of uncertainty regards the future of
political system in Arab Maghreb in the light of current international
and regional changes which started with the end of the cold war on
international level. With the end of the Gulf war and the rise of
Islamic movements in Arab Maghreb on regional level. These
changes affect the future of Arab Maghreb in the coming stage.
Algeria is considered a pioneer on third world in general and the
Arab Homeland in particular. Thus, we shed light in this paper on the
democratic system in Algeria during the reign of president Abdul-
Aziz Botaflika since 1999 till now and this experience has got
characteristics and challenges on both internal and external levels.

Activities of British Consuls in Qatar During the Reign of AL-THany Dynasty 1868-1914Assistant professor

Salih Khidhir Mohammed

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 8, العدد 21, الصفحة 181-218
معرّف الوثيقة الرقمي (DOI): 10.33899/regs.2011.6436

The older mentioning to Qatar says that is the city which located on
strategic located in Arabian Gulf, that brought attention of international
powers like: Portugal, Holland and Britain during different historic
durations, ad it had been concerned by British consuls during rule of
Al Thani family 1868, on 1914 Britain initiated the region direct
British consul activities focused on Qatar from geographic and
location importance sides, so they pursuit Ottoman– Qatrian relations
till 1914, also they pursuit its relation with local powers in Arabian
Gulf, beside of politic & economic activities about Qatar, also their
relations with Al Thani family and pursuit the making relations by its
rulers and supporting it with close states, supporting this family
according to British political and economic interests.

Donmk Jews And Ottoman Coup–ď etat (1908)

Mohammed Jamal ALdin ALalawi

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 8, العدد 21, الصفحة 219-244
معرّف الوثيقة الرقمي (DOI): 10.33899/regs.2011.46917

In the second half of the 17th century, the Ottoman state encountered historic and political circumstances which led to the rise of "Dönmk Jews" sect through the rabbi Sabbatai Sebi from Azmir when the latter declared himself an Expected Messiah.
This sect is a Jewish one pretending to be Muslim, while it secretly exercises special religious rites. This sect is called the "Sabbai Sect". It had an impact on the Ottoman internal affairs in the period of sultan Abdulhameed II, and that was evident through its role in the Ottoman coup in 1908 and the overthrowing of the sultan in 1909. It also affected the policy adopted by the assembly of Al- Itihad Wal Taraqqi while holding power and managing the Ottoman state affairs. Embracing Islam by the Jews in Turkey and pretending with that, keeping their religion, is similar to doing that by other people for the purpose of achieving the goals of their original doctrines.

The Lebanon – Syrian Relations1961 – 1964

Fathi A. Khalaf

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 8, العدد 21, الصفحة 245-272
معرّف الوثيقة الرقمي (DOI): 10.33899/regs.2011.6434

This research tackled with a very important period of the political
history of Lebanon and Syria (1961–1964 ), which lay between the broke
away of the United Arab Republic, and what followed this broke away at
the formal and informal level, by the end of the role of the Lebanon
president fo'ad Shihab in 1964.
The research deals with a very important era, for this reason Syria
began to gain Lebanon side after the secession from Egypt, to overcome
the Nazarene currents in the region.
This research is divided into an introduction and two section, the
introduction gives a historical background before 1961. Section One
spoke about the relation between Lebanon and Syria after the
disengagement، till the Syrian revaluation in 1963.
Section two deals with the developments of bilateral relations between
Lebanon and Syria until the end of the role of the president Fo'ad Shihab
in 1964.

Iraq –Egypt RelationsAnd Its Future perspectives

Hashim Hasan AL-Shahwani

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 8, العدد 21, الصفحة 273-307
معرّف الوثيقة الرقمي (DOI): 10.33899/regs.2011.6430

Iraq and Egypt relations have passed through various stages and
fluctuations due to political conditions between both countries. In
general, these relations were good and be better in future in the light of
political and economic openness. There are many indicators (political,
economic, forming high committee to build relations). These can be
taken into consideration to support this idea at present and in future
especially both countries are cooperating during crises. They are
signifycanas which show a concrete correlation between both brothers

Egyptıon Amerıcan relatıon 2001 2007

Fares Turky Mahmoud

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 8, العدد 21, الصفحة 309-336
معرّف الوثيقة الرقمي (DOI): 10.33899/regs.2011.46919

This paper is an attempt aiming at following up, discussing and analyzing the nature of relations between Egypt and U.S.A. after 11th September events 2001 and changes followed it. The paper also tackles the most significant fields related to dramatic events explaining the reasons behind these events.
The paper is divided into three parts, The first deals with the reflections of 11th September upon these relations politically, The second is talking about these relations economically, the third is talking about military dimension for these relation.

The Future of Iraq's Relations with The Gulf States In The political Aspect

Mithaq Khyrallah Jalud

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 8, العدد 21, الصفحة 337-369
معرّف الوثيقة الرقمي (DOI): 10.33899/regs.2011.46922

Although Iraq represent a part of Gulf states ,but the difference in ideologies was always the direct obstacle in the process of in targeting Iraq with its Gulf. But one who follows both Iraqi and Gulf affairs will know that the existence of Iraq within a Gulf system may make the regional bloc one of the most important ones in the middle East. moreover, it will have an international effect. But all this may be guaranteed the Seriousness of both leaderships.
From have, the nature of Iraqi-Gulf relations stay dependent on the policy adopted by Iraq towards Gulf states. Also the Seriousness of these states in dealing with Iraq in accordance of to a new political mechanism.