ISSN: 1813-4610

Volume 8, Issue 26

Volume 8, Issue 26, Spring 2012, Page 9-348

Electronic press And lts Role in Establishing A Democratic Society

Alaff; lbrahim khaliL Al

Regional Studies, Volume 8, Issue 26, Pages 9-21

No doubt, press since its rise plays a significant role in awakening thoughts, developing political and intellectual awareness and enlarging educators base. In addition, press shares in forming a general opinion. Press is an important means for people to express their interests. We can' t imagine some characteristics of cultural development without understanding press's role. Moreover, there are essays publishing thoughts and concepts. Any reviewing for the history of the press through ages, will show the reflection of all trends of society. From here, the well- known saying" Press is the mirror of society " The first pioneers of press in Arab Homeland such as Ahmed -lutfy Al- sayyd) 1872 – 1963( say that one of the goals of press is" Guiding people to right advancing and to push them forward, to be sincere for both government and nation for what is good and foremost". lF paper press played these roles, electronic press today is demanded more than this.

The Turkey’s Positions from the Palestinian issue and its impact on Turkish-Israeli relation 2002-2011

Luqman O. Mahmood Alnuaimy

Regional Studies, Volume 8, Issue 26, Pages 22-68

This paper deals with the Turkey’s positions toward the Palestinian issue during the years of the rule of Justice and Development Party since coming to power in 2002. Those positions, which were formed according to the strategy adopted by the party, are on a quest to achieve lasting and comprehensive peace in the region and that is representing a priority in Turkish foreign policy as to achieve that peace will consolidate stability in the region, which serves the strategic interests of Turkey, But the developments of events in this period with regard to the Palestinian issue, and the aggressive policy of "Israel" especially the attack on Lebanon in 2006, and the war on Gaza in late 2008, and the siege on Gaza, and Israeli attack on Liberty Fleet in 2010, all this led to Turkey adopted positions against "Israel" and condemning its aggressive policy which has had a significant negative implications on Turkish-Israeli relations.

Tax Evasion–A study in its limits and Economic & social Effects in Selected Developing countries (1990-2008)

Hashim Mohammed Abdullah Al-Argoob

Regional Studies, Volume 8, Issue 26, Pages 69-94

The problem of tax evasion has become an international phenomenum all over developing and advanced countries even if it differs in its ratio, and noticing this variation in causes, effects and reflections left behind on these countries. This study comes to show the variance of the basic limits of tax evasion and the remedies.
Suggested to enhance the reality of tax systems in this study suffer from the limitation of financing resources and the unstability in its revenue which could not secure the necessary finance to these countries from the financial resources.

Requirement for Applying the International standard of Accountancy (IAS16) Within the Algerian System Of Financial Accountancy (SCF)

Phoreen Haj Quaidir

Regional Studies, Volume 8, Issue 26, Pages 95-119

Algeria has undertaken many reforms for accountancy since the beginning of the third millennium to reform the system of accountancy through adopting a system of accountancy based on the foundation of international accountancy criteria for achieving many targets, the most important of which is to rehabilitate the economic and financial establishments and to bring foreign investors by preventing the defects in the national system of accountancy (a copy of 1975), and to adopt a system for accountancy that able to product high level information that are trusted by the user, beside, to reduct production costs for this information through linking the new system of accountancy with elements of technology and knowledge economy.

Effect of Governance in Economic Growth in shadow of Knowledge economy Study in Iraqi's Economy and Neighboring Countries A

Mohamad N. Mahmood

Regional Studies, Volume 8, Issue 26, Pages 120-145

The objective of is study is to define the Governance and study its variables (voice and accountability, political stability, government effectiveness, equality quality, rules of law, and control of corruption), and study effect of governance on knowledge economy and in Iraq and countries border.
The result of study shows that countries which have good governance have high growth and high indicators of knowledge economy

Algerian- U.S Relations 1962-1995

Saad Tawfik Aziz Al- Bazaz

Regional Studies, Volume 8, Issue 26, Pages 146-166

The United States sought since the independence of Algeria to activate its role and influence in Algeria, even though it has been unable to budge economic influence of France in Algeria, but the political and economic influence, imposing constantly, meets us all reason to believe that Algeria, were not an area closed to U.S. influence in any an era of contemporary eras.
Algerian-American relations went through two important phases: the first phase began from 1962 to 1978 and this stage was characterized by tense relations between the political parties. The second phase began from 1992 until 1995 and was characterized by the improvement of political relations between the two parties and to the extent of exchange of visits between the two sides, but the U.S. position was wobbling from the events that took place in Algeria was sometimes supports the Supreme Council of the States and sometimes supporting the Islamic Salvation Front but it was deemed necessary to maintain an important strategic ally in the Arab and the African continent, regardless of who governs Algeria.

Political Developments in Algeria and Problem of Development (1999-2009)

Kifah Abbas Ramadan Al-Hamadani

Regional Studies, Volume 8, Issue 26, Pages 167-192

The future of sustainable development in Algeria is not connected directly with mechanisms and indicators of good governance as much as it is connected first with mentality of ruling elite on one hand, and the extent of understanding of alphabets of opposing partisan work in particular on the other hand, on the base that the attempt of applying the mechanisms of good governance to activate the tracks of sustainable development depends the shoulders of ruling elite, but before materializing it in reality, there must be materializing thoughts of good governance and development in the mentality of ruling elite first of all.
Thus, achieving comprehensive and balanced development in Algeria and materializing it on reality which pass first through changing the mentality of ruling elite and improving political performance of parties in general and opposition in particular, and then content of both two parties with mechanisms of good governance secondly.

Iraq and Jordan: A Study in the Political Relations 2003-2006

Fawaz Mowafaq Thanoon

Regional Studies, Volume 8, Issue 26, Pages 193-226

This study deals with the path of relations, Iraq - Jordan through the stages of the historical period, particularly in the nineties of the last century and the stage of study, the salient feature of these relations is the variation in the level However, the convergence of the most striking feature of these relations that have evolved significantly in the wake of the U.S. occupation of Iraq, 2003, which established relations, Iraq - Jordan on new paths designed to reach the advanced relations reflects the desire of both parties continue to respect and cooperation and maintaining stability in order to contribute to these interests in the formation of strategic depth for both the two neighboring countries.

American Think-Tank and their Impact on the American Foreign Policy Toward Arab Matters

Hashim Hasan Husein ALShahwani

Regional Studies, Volume 8, Issue 26, Pages 227-262

Think-Tanks have emerged in the beginning of the 20th century and have taken their ideal form in the U.S.A where they have attained great attention of the policy makers. It is commonly that these think-tanks are entrusted with doing studies for dealing with important political and strategic issues and projects.
The research treats with the nature of these Think-Tanks, their divisions and the map of their existence and programs, and aims at difining the formulas during which they impact policy making especially in foreign policy and its consequences in relation to Arab region and its impact on American policy.

Factors affecting the rates of inflation in Turkey for the period 1985-2005

Fadwa Ali Hussein Al- Abid

Regional Studies, Volume 8, Issue 26, Pages 263-279

This research focuses on the study of variables affecting the rate of inflation for a number of macroeconomic variables (money supply, exchange rate, budget deficit), where inflation was characterized by much of the economies of developing and advanced countries alike, prompting many of the interested members of the economic side of inflation to guide their studies, to focus on this direction, The increase in money supply leads to a steady increase in the inflation rates, The goal of the research is to identify the nature of the problem of inflation in Turkey and monetary affecting factors which are based on the assumption that monetary changes are the main cause of the problem of inflation in Turkey during the study theoretical framework of the study included the theoretical foundations to study the problem of inflation and access the influential mechanism of the factors affecting the rates of inflation and boosted research using the tools of regression analysis using the method (Oridinary Least Square). The research found a number of results which document the ideas of Monetary theory School that the problem in Turkey is a problem purely monetary problem, according to the estimation and analysis associated this problem with the liberalization of monetary policy and exchange rate regime.

Pyramid Marketing Via Internet and its Effect Its

Abdel Nasser Sobhi Ibrahim

Regional Studies, Volume 8, Issue 26, Pages 279-316

Electronic commerce is considered one of the modern of methods of marketing goods around the world, this of trade has many types like the pyramid marketing via the network this trade has witnessed, a huge prevalence in some of the Arabic countries especially among the young people along with their companies ,who aspired to collect money quickly without paying any attention neither to the national economy nor to the other individuals.
This research aims at investigating the transactions of such companies with the types of goods and style they have. therefore , this research will investigate the influence of such companies upon the people along with its influence upon the national economy , This research helps the individual to get a clear idea regarding such companies before entering the world of trade and marketing.

Oil Industry in Iraq Fact and Ambition

Abdalrazaq Kh. M. Altaee

Regional Studies, Volume 8, Issue 26, Pages 317-348

Oil Industry in Iraq periods of fluctuation due to wars, economic sanctions and looting and destruction acts since the last war.
The deteriorating of economic situations in Iraq made oil at the first stage as it is the only financer for the operational and developmental state budget, therefore, there is a great responsibility imposed on the government that it has to take important measures to get rid of the ghost of economic deteriorating.