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السنة 7, العدد 22

السنة 7، العدد 22، الربیع 2011، الصفحة 9-332

The Importance of Arab Think Tanks :Regional Studies Center at Mosul University, IraqAs a Case Study

Ibrahim Khalil Al-Alaff

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 7, العدد 22, الصفحة 9-28

There is no doubt that the think-tanks in the developed world
became of a signifcant standing, especially on policy making and were
called think-tanks that is to say deposits of thoughts. The states,
society institutions depend on these centers as for studies, reports, and
advices in many economic, social, political, security, military, and
cultural matters, rarely, we find a member of parliament, companies
administration councils, or civil society organizations that not depend
on a think-tank for necessary views and thoughts to make help in
taking appropriate decisions for difficulties or necessary solutions for
some attitudes.
In my research which is called "the Importance of Arab think
tanks: Regional Studies Center at Mosul University, Iraq as a case
study, I'm trying to look into the significance of these Arab thinktanks,
and to explain the nature of its work, needs and obsticales that
hinder its work and to take the Regional Studies Center at Mosul
University that I'm honored with its chiefing as a " case, study", we
celebrated the silver jubilee on August 24,2010 after 25 years of
establishing the center.

The French socialiste party and its Attitude From The Contemporary Arab issues


مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 7, العدد 22, الصفحة 29-67

This study deal with the French Social Party that is of the oldest
parties in France as it reaches power for many times in France.
The first part of the study deals with the first beginnings of
socialism and the organizational and ideological structure of the party
and its programs. The second part deals with the strong relation
among the Social Party, Zionism and Israel. The third part deals with
the main political stations in the Arabic–Israeli conflict and the Party
situation against some of the Arabic issues.
The study sums up with some of the main results. The Party is
considered as a disturbed party where members meet at times of
elections, conferences and nominations but discharge after discussing
the details. The Social Party is characterized by the multiple leaderships
reflected upon the party base when each leader has his own view
concerning the political events. The relation between Party and Israel is
distinctive as the Party completely Israel right in existing upon the
Arabic land.

The Existing Demand for Electricity in Nineveh province and future trends until 2015, The Residential sector as a case study

Yosra H. Jasim Al-Heyaliy; Anmar A. Al-arwary

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 7, العدد 22, الصفحة 69-96

Electrical energy is of vital importance for the conduct of daily business of contemporary societies, and the average per capita, one of the most important indicators of the level of economic progress. The residential sector in Nineveh province suffering since 1991, a clear lack of processing power, which constitutes an obstacle in the path of growth and development. Therefore, monthly sales of Nineveh residential electric energy consumption data were collected for the period 2004-2009, audit, and addressed by McLaren method. To achieve the goal of research and test the hypothesis descriptive approach was adopted, as well as quantitative approach to forecast the monthly demand of this sector from 2010-2015.

The Causes of Corruption in Middle East and North Africa Countries (MENA):an empirical study using a simple pooling data for the period (2003-2007).

Nazar S. Al-Qahwachi; Mufeed T.Younis

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 7, العدد 22, الصفحة 97-131

At the last decades corruption is attracting a lot of attention around
the world. This paper discuss the variables related to the "Causes of
Corruption" in MENA countries at the period (2003-2007). We used
a pooling data for a five years for (19) countries was used to fit the
regression equations. The study conclude that corruption is a highly
determined by the (root of corruption, weakness rule of law, dropping
the total secondary enrollment ratio, weakness of competitive in the
local market, and the Rating of freedom of the press). We suggest
that, if a certain reforms are not made, corruption will be a real big
problem in (MENA) countries.

Taxes On Foreign Deposits-Analytical Study For E.U Experience And The possibility Of Applying It In Arab Countries

Hashim Mohammed Al-Argoob

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 7, العدد 22, الصفحة 133-154

Originating of taxes on foreign deposits is considered on of the
most important and modern subjects. It has been originating after a
long negotiation concluded by E.U. This system started to be applied
as discounts from the source on interests and deposits of non-resident
Europeans that existed in it's banks with keeping it as secret. The
value of discount is about 15% as a first stage and then 20% as a
second stage to become 35% in 2011. This paper tries to get the
possibility of originating of these taxes and to apply it in Arab
countries or on Arab deposits in foreign banks of non-resident Arabs.
The paper contains three topics, the cause of originating taxes on
foreign deposits, the importance of tax reform in Arab counties, and
the necessary tax procedure to impose taxes on foreign deposits.

The corruption of Arab Elites: Politcal Elites A Case Study

Ban Gh. Ahmad Al-Saeigh

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 7, العدد 22, الصفحة 155-184

The corruption phenomenon is considered one of the most important
and effective issues society.
(22) 7  ت إ  درا  ت ا  را  ا 
It caused a great imbalance institution, the deterioration that befell
the society, and to weaken the state role which reflected in negative to
their administration in political, economic, administrative and society
affairs for many decades.
At the same time (at once), we realize that the corruption interprets
the wide gap between ruler and people, it is the result of trust absence
between people and state institution.
In fact, we don’t over do when we say that the corruption phenomenon
reflects the political system nature of state.
Corruption in the political field appears through coercive measures by
the authorized power for state officials, and all that take place in
knowing way through the legislation or what is more important is
neglect the legislation.
According to the report of Arabic humanity development, the
corruption, illegal acts, public funds, transferring, law violation
,judgment challenging, and accumulate the fortunes for the benefit of
minority during short times, all these led to deteriorate the problems of
social inequality, in addition to more than 73 million Arabic lead under
poverty line and about %(109) million Arabic people suffer from
malnutrition, the other hand, the rate of illiteracy is more than 46%from
the population and the number of the illiterate from Arab adult 65
million people, woman representing tow third from them and that
means high levels in the Arab countries more than what is exist in more
poor countries.
The gap increased among rich minority and majority leads under
poverty, therefore that led to appear unacceptable case among people
and ruling authority which is responsible for the growing deterioration
of political ,economic and social institution.
To combat the corruption, it is very important doing political,
constitutional, economic and social implement reforms, but the question
which asked is that, how is it possible for few ruling group to accept
with reforms radical changes which threaten their benefits.

The World Financial Crisis & its Reflections on Arab Gulf Countries: Future Vision

Abdullah Fadhil Al-Hayali

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 7, العدد 22, الصفحة 185-209

The new world financial crisis has taken place in a form of liquidity crisis in mortgage estate market, because of the lenders stopping to pay their loans as well as its interest rates. The causes led to bankruptcy of grand bank institutions. The Arab Gulf Countries will face great economic losses resulting from the current world financial crisis whether that are concerned with supported securities by real-estate, or that by funds contributions that are devoted to help people suffering from the crisis, or resulting from the decrease of economic growth due to reductions of crude oil demands, or oil prices deterioration, or decrease of dollar's exchange rate. According to what is mentioned above, we reveal that we are in a bad need to establish financial institutions governed by principles & morals, develop simple and justice investment tools, promoting the awareness of investors, and redirecting the Arab Gulf monetary investments towards actual investments opportunities in both Arab & Islamic sphere. There are intellectual results coming from this crisis. It supported the economic philosophy that leads to much role of state interference in the financial markets, bank system and economic activities in general. The lessons coming from this crisis will change too much of the thoughts & economic policies. No doubt, the role of USA will be changed in the contemporary world system.

The Policy of NATO Toward Iraq(2002- 2009)

Wathiq Mohammed Barrak

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 7, العدد 22, الصفحة 211-248

Iraq often represented one of the NATO's interest, observation, and planning. Although the instability of Iraq's military relations with NATO since the formation of it in 1949 and till the American occupation of Iraq in April 2003 which was sometimes in cooperation forms and sometimes in collision forms, and then the participation in the latest war on Iraq became a controversial question among the member states in NATO, but soon these disputations vanished gradually when the states of NATO realized that there are mutual interests lie in the success of Iraq's operation of which they were ready to guarantee these interests and to make use of it, so the states of NATO involved in training missions inside Iraq since June 2004. the NATO's existence may go beyond training missions to be more effective in forming the general and strategic position of Iraq and its neighborhood. It is useful to establish military, technical, and training relations with NATO on condition that these relations do not include aims that may cause crises and struggle in the region, also the forming of general regulations for these relations between Iraq and NATO states and the Atlantic powers must be in a manner that identify the practical position of exchanged interests.

Russian activity in Cyprus after the Cold War

Waleed Mahmoud Ahmed

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 7, العدد 22, الصفحة 249-266

The island of Cyprus had Attracted for with interest the great
powers, especially in the nineteenth and twentieth, Ce, making it an
arena for conflict influence the regional and international levels. It was
natural to move Russian policy during the Tsarist and Soviet period,
and then the current period (Federal Russia) towards this area geostrategic
view of the proximity of the border, regional Russian, but the
Western influence in the island form an obstacle to the penetration of
Russian influence, was on the Russians to find suitable alternative for
access to the island, and they have been through the master of its own
Orthodox Church of Cyprus which is the Russian Orthodox Church
religious authority, as well as economic penetration in the affairs of
the island in hopes of what can be to balance Western influence.

Political Decision Making In Qatar State

Mithaq Khyrallah Jalud

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 7, العدد 22, الصفحة 267-293

Like the rest of the Arabian Gulf States Qatar is characterized by political stability. Not so many changes had taken place on the structure of political system in Qatar moreover, the mechanism of political–Decision making Since the independence of Qatar state on September,2,1971. the power is concentrated in the hand of Amair till Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani had taken this power in 1995 in which the state had witnessed so many freedom and both political and economic stability. This has been reflected on all aspects of state.
Thus, the citizen in Qatar is not concerned deeply with the political affair due to the good income of citizen in Qatar as weal being Qatar is a small landed state and few populations and the simple social structure and this gives the policy- maker in Qatar too much connection with the people directly.

Directional evolution of foreign trade and its impact on economic growth of developing countries selected for the period (1990 - 2009)

Samer Hanna Behnam

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2011, السنة 7, العدد 22, الصفحة 295-332

This research Interested in foreign trade transactions, the ongoing trade across national borders through trade exchange between the State and the outside world, to achieve the advantages of specialization and international division of labor, but the reason that foreign trade is attributable to differences in the distribution of natural wealth and gained between the countries of the world, and not being able to achieve self-sufficiency as a result of distribution asymmetric to the factors of production, so it should specialize in the production of some goods at low cost and highest efficiency, differing production costs, circumstances and tastes, preferences and other was one of the factors that led to the establishment of foreign trade, as it occupies the importance of the economies of most of these countries being the engine a basis for economic growth, exports are manufactured is the base engine for accelerating economic growth, also affect the import of capital goods, industrial and agricultural directly to move the growth of commodity sectors, especially industry and agriculture.