ISSN: 1813-4610

Volume 6, Issue 18

Volume 6, Issue 18, Spring 2010, Page 9-289

Al–Quds Between Judaization Attempts And Confrontation Measures

Alaff; Ibrahim Khalil Al

Regional Studies, Volume 6, Issue 18, Pages 9-21

Al–Quds has, in addition to the religious importance, a historical, economic, social and cultural significance. Palestine is inseparable part from the Arab Homeland, its inhabitants are Arabs, their Language is Arabic and of Arab traditions. Its position in the imperialistic West realized the value of Palestine, thereby, it planted the Zionist entity to separate the Arab East from the West to hinder the Arab connection. Since this entity has been established, there were continued feverish attempts to create a new status in Al – Quds by geographic and demographic variables to judaize it as what happened in the dear city of Yafa which has been concealed and then became Tel – Aviv city.
Al – Quds was exposed to three painful beats, the first, is the occupation of what is known “the Western Quds” in 11 December 1949. The second, is most of the district of Al – Quds and the surrounding towns fell under the Zionist control and Al – Quds included only the center and the old city and what is surrounding it. The third, when the Palestinians lost more than half of the city and most of its district as Al – Quds lost its position as a capital and the East of Al – Quds has been changed from a big city into a village.
During and after the war of June 1967; the Israeli resolution, on Al – Quds accession to Israel and to consider it Israeli Lands leaving the West bank as occupied lands, has been issued. The

Turkish _German Relations (1923-1945)

Hanna Azzo Behnan

Regional Studies, Volume 6, Issue 18, Pages 22-49

This research explain the nature of political & economic relations between Turkey & Germany since establishment of the Turkish Republic in 1923 until the end of World War 11. These relations developed and continued until the first years of the war, which Turkey deduced from the two struggle sides (the alliance and axis states) in exporting the chrome metal, that is necessary in military industries, because of its neutral attitude, but by the increasing pressures of the alliance on Turkey caused break off its diplomatic relations with Germany in August, 1944, which was followed by another step of war declaration on Germany in February 1945.

The Probable Effects To Access World Trade Organization In The Field of Liberating Financial Services Trade In Economic Growth: Case Studies

Abdullah Fadhil Al-Hayali

Regional Studies, Volume 6, Issue 18, Pages 50-95

Liberating Financial Services trade and its relation with the economic growth is considered a fertile field in international economy. Results of quantitative analysis showed that Financial liberation of Arab Gulf States did not leave Positive and significant effects in Gross Domestic Product, Whereas it was both Positive and significant upon the aggregate level of these states, Therefore, to deal with financial corporations and its markets might lead to achieve better economic features in the field of competition in World Financial markets as well as strengthening its negotiate position in terms of contributing in the decisions of WTO to fulfill tangible economic returns. There should be a kind of stress to aggregate Gulf Financial integration and to be replaced by a limited number of huge financial institutes which can compete foreign financial institutes in the light of liberating Financial Services Trade.

The Followers Of The Global Finance Crisis 2008 On The Arab Economies And The Remedy Scopes

Nawfal Kasim Ali Al-Shahwan

Regional Studies, Volume 6, Issue 18, Pages 95-136

This paper aims at analyzing the followers of the global finance crisis 2008, on the Arab economy's performance and diagnosing the remedy scopes. It estimates the transformed effects throughout the foreign trade relations for the Arab states on their GDPs and Economic Growth, before that crisis and after. There have been an indirect dramatic effects for it by the changes happened on trade balances, public finance budgets, and their currency exchange rates next that crisis. The paper has drawn many conclusions, pointing out two mean suggestions within the foresight driven remedies.

The Relation Between AKP And The Military Association In Turkey

Aziz; Sanna Abdullah

Regional Studies, Volume 6, Issue 18, Pages 137-154

After the win of Justice and Development Party have won in Turkey, the focus became on military and this made Turkey Prepared again to face a huge change by democratic means in its political map. This had taken place in 1983 when Turgot Ozal and his party (Motherland) won by a majority (37%) challenging by this the military.
Turkish political experts believe that the milirary will deal cautiously with the AKP and at the same time, donot wish to emerge as the only party in Turkey which curb any victory made by the AKP. One of the most significant tobics of dispute between both sides, is the case of veil, the case of National Assemble Society., Islamization of state caders and finally developing the National Security Council.

Justice And Development Party in Morocco

Afrah Nather Jasim

Regional Studies, Volume 6, Issue 18, Pages 155-177

Parties and Islamist movements or that of Islamic roots a great interest by researchers for its varied theories and aims, and Morocco was not away from these Parties and movements. The arena of Politics in Morocco included a considerable number of these Parties, nevertheless most of them are not very old.
This study is a trying to shed light on one of these Parties; Justice and Development Party which was established in 1997. It is an example of the moderate Islamist Parties that possess an integral program, plain goals and a mature understanding for the Arabic state of affaires that will have a positive impact in case of assuming power.

The Reflections Of The Financial And Monetary Policy On Unemployment In The Iraqi Economy After 2003

Sameer F. Wa; lly; Azad A. Doseky

Regional Studies, Volume 6, Issue 18, Pages 179-215

The existence of both unemployment and inflation at the same time after the (1970s) crisis of the last century (which were known as an Stagflation crisis) that made the problem of unemployment one of the most dangerous problems that the world economy is suffering from till this day whether in developing or capitalist countries among which the Iraqi economy. The aim of this study was investigating the problem of unemployment in Iraq after (2003) and the reflections of both the financial and monetary policies in treating this problem in the Iraqi economy. The study had come up with the result which say that the variant monetary policy between recession and expansion , and the expansionistic financial policy as well as focusing on investment expenditure rather than public expenditure had contributed in reducing unemployment in the Iraqi economy.

Place Maghreb Union in the new system of world trade «Tide horses activation and alternative strategies»

Souli MOUrad

Regional Studies, Volume 6, Issue 18, Pages 217-244

Building the Arab Maghreb as a regional strategic option for the peoples of the region
The forces can cope with the economic future and the advance of globalization must have a qualified human and economic when pulling together if they qualify in a regional framework to integrate into the global economy And access to economic and political weight in international relations and become an effective partner for the various regional blocs World Cartels of the Arab Maghreb plays an important role in international trade, where all the economic groups linked to international economic particularly the European Union and the United States of America With openness to the emerging economic powers, which are linked with each other agreements of cooperation and economic integration

Policy Making In Kuwait

Wathiq Mohammed Barrak

Regional Studies, Volume 6, Issue 18, Pages 245-277

The inherited traditions in Kuwaiti society contributed to draw the signs of political operation and the mechanism of decision making. The constitution of Kuwait represented, since it has been adopted early 1963, a huge social and political turning point in Kuwait, that but citizens within a permitted extent of freedom, justice and real citizen ship. Also, the constitution gave the parliament (nation council) wide authorities on condition not exceeding the allowed range of political moving and maneuver by Emir and the ruling family. The actions of parties are for bidden in Kuwait, against, the constitution admitted to form societies and unions. Thus political blocs that of private policies and thoughts, appeared inside the Kuwait nation council during successive parliament practices. Beside, foreign regional and international factors which almost has steady impacts on contemporary political decision in Kuwait.

Turkuman Proverbs In Talafar Tung

Hasan Farhan Mohmmed

Regional Studies, Volume 6, Issue 18, Pages 279-289

The popular proverbs has represented the most truthful representation of both society culture and knowledge, for its actual reality; therefore it became one of the main sources of heritage which drew one its sides that is marriage.
This side has revealed as the researcher has reached during his study ,the publicity and preference of early marriage, and during that time this has showed the woman's social position that is lower than man, and it enabled the man to make joke of her in front of his peers ,by which it revealed his duplicity in both intellectual and social role.
The researcher in this paper has showed the weak role of the young person and this is due to the dominance of the collective team action, especially the father's role in drawing the path of his son's life ,and at last, in addition to what the researcher has studied about the conditions that the society has imposed ,but it pictured in return the divorce as misery in the popular proverb.
What should be referred to is that popular proverbs doesn't mean that the social position of Talafar society is the same in the previous decades because the changeable society is a determinism fact with no escape from and in many circumstances the woman's position has changed and did not remain as it is.