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ردمد الإلكترونيّ (Online ISSN): 2664-2948

السنة 6, العدد 17

السنة 6، العدد 17، الشتاء 2010، الصفحة 9-283

Globalization And The Renewal Responsibility Of Arab Higher Education Functions

Alaff; Ibrahim Khalil Al

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2010, السنة 6, العدد 17, الصفحة 9-29

Globalization has been recognized with many definitions, we will not mention them all except in terms of the research subject which is: “Globalization and the Renewal Responsibility of Arab Higher Education Functions”. Globalization is used in Letter and idiom to describe the hasty lessening of the separative barriers whether as concerns moving of commodities, persons, funds and investments, information, thoughts or values and traditions.
That means, Globalization” has political, economic, ideological and cultural dimensions. It is not unavoidable destiny or an excellent outlet to run off the dark material world where the nations live in poverty, unemployment, disease and backwardness in all types as western writers suggest, but it is a new tendency to control over the states and nations, also an attempt to pass through economic, social and ideological structures especially in the South and East to destroy it and replace it by another systems, structures and notions that are based on pragmatism, supremacy and individual trend satisfaction, thus it is necessary to face it as the higher education is one of the most significant fields for confrontation as we will see.

Means Of Privatization And Economic Reform And Restructuring And The Transition To A Market Economy

Rawa Zeki Younis ALtawel

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2010, السنة 6, العدد 17, الصفحة 29-59

The decline in the level of performance and economic efficiency of public sector enterprises and its impact on economic growth, and the emergence of imbalances in the national economy, which is the most important manifestations, the deficit in public budgets, current accounts deficit, low reserves, high unemployment or increasing size, high rate of inflation, the deterioration of exchange rates national currencies, imbalances in the banking sector and the trade sector, high external debt and the increasing burden, low productivity in public enterprises, the invalidity of the tax system and its failure led to a call for correction and restructuring and the transition to a market economy, may help the global economic system in reducing the burden caused or may lead to increased and aggravated especially as global economic growth is characterized by instability.

Turkish Greek Relations (1930-1941)

Hanna Azzo Behnan

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2010, السنة 6, العدد 17, الصفحة 57-94

The Relations between two states during the 1930s witnessed abandonment after a break off continued for many centuries as the leaders adopted foreign policies based on surpassing differences between them, and for peace, stability to be prevalent not in Balkan erea but all over the world, that was included in the agreement signed by the two states in 1930, also the Balkan Entente that constituted in 1934 from four states (Turkey, Greece, Yoguslavia and Rumania).
The Relations between Turkey and Greece reached the top by making military alliance in 1938, the political and economic relations also improved, although, the alkan Entente disassembled

Fiscal Policy And Sustainable Human Development At Selected Countries With Special Reference To Iraq Between (1990-2008)

Hashim M. Al-Argoob

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2010, السنة 6, العدد 17, الصفحة 95-129

We can define an Sustainable human development of mankind as an expansion of peoples' choices and abilities by constructing social finance which meets the needs of generations nowadays. Fairly without making any harm to the needs of the coming generations. So, the Sustainable human development if mankind involves two axis. It represents developments: development of mankind and an Sustainable human development because it adds to the development the importance of mankind. New and modern directions have focused on the roles of economical policies including finance to enhance the dynamic of human development. There is a belief that the governmental expenses are basic in implementing its plans in a way to achieve a level of development exceeding the traditional restrictions relating to the source of finance which are necessary to the economical development operations.

Research Paper

العلاقات الترکیة الإیرانیة 2002-2008

لقمان عمر محمود النعیمی

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2010, السنة 6, العدد 17, الصفحة 131-161
معرّف الوثيقة الرقمي (DOI): 10.33899/regs.2010.31500

شهدت العلاقات الترکیة-الإیرانیة خلال المدة (2002-2008) تطورات کبیرة فی المجالات السیاسیة والاقتصادیة، فضلاً عن التعاون فی مجال الطاقة وفی المجال الأمنی حیث توجت بتوقیع اتفاقیة الأمن الشاملة فی آب عام 2008 والتی وضعت إطاراً استراتیجیاً لعلاقات البلدین، وذلک أثناء زیارة الرئیس الإیرانی محمود أحمدی نجاد لأنقرة منتصف آب من العام نفسه. ویرجع التطور فی علاقات الدولتین إلى عدة عوامل منها مجیء حکومة حزب العدالة والتنمیة إلى السلطة أواخر عام 2002، وانتهاجها سیاسة خارجیة متوازنة هدفت إلى توثیق علاقاتها مع دول الجوار الجغرافی لها، فضلا عن الاحتلال الأمریکی للعراق عام 2003، وما أفرزه من تداعیات أمنیة خطیرة فرضت على البلدین تعزیز التعاون الأمنی بینهما.

Syrian Quyaq River Reviving And Rehabilitation

Rayan Thanoon AL-Abbasi

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2010, السنة 6, العدد 17, الصفحة 163-190

Syria has made a unique experience in reviving and rehabilitation of an important river that dried since 1940 's. Because of Turkish Policy which aimed at using all its available water resources without taking into consideration the agreements that have been made with Iraq and Syria. So, Syrian government decided to implement a great project to rescue a run out river and giving it life in another different manner , and constructed Luxurious and tourist places and also established health and industrial installations in the region of the project , all of that was by Syrian cadres. After that , Syria decided to circulate this experience on all rivers in Syria especially in Demascus and other cities such as Homs city to make use of water resources in a proper way for environmental and agricultural purposes.

Political System Of Iran And The challenges Of Relation with The West 1979-2008

Mohammed Abdul-Rahman Younis Al-Obaydee

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2010, السنة 6, العدد 17, الصفحة 191-212

Iran West relations Since 1979 has faced so many challenges reflected negatively upon Iran and Participated directly in tension in some periods with a number of European States. These challenges were ideology and Politics adopted by the Iranian regime after 1979 , the crisis of hostages in US. Embassy in Tehran , Exploding u.s. Embassy in Beirut in 1982 , the Case of the British writer Selman Rushdi, the Case of Mikonos restaurant in 1992 , in addition to other Cases like the issue of democratic freedoms , human rights in Iran , opposing peace Process in Middle East , threatening security and Stability of "Israel" and other regional issues , The most important ones is the issue of nuclear program of Iran which is considered at present the basic obstacle stands in front of Iranian – Western relation and hurdles its development.

Justice & Development Party In Turkey Between Prohibition And Veil

ad Abdul-Aziz Muslit

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2010, السنة 6, العدد 17, الصفحة 213-239

Justice & Development party in Turkey was born to practice a new policy in accordance to its Islamic program and to handle Turkish society affairs and to benefit from experiences of the previous Turkish Islamic parties in politics taking into consideration the way to achieve these programs without offending secularism of Turkey and its political regime of Ataturk.
The case of veil has come to be one of the main issues in the party being a port of personal freedom. This has enforced its position inside the parliament to reach the presidency and to secure a basic role in amending some articles of the constitution. This trend is being faced by some powers of secularism which started inside the Turkish politics to work against AKP and prohibiting it for it went beyond its red lines. Thus , these powers considered the issue of veil being a ring of struggle between secularism and Islam.
In view of this , this study contains two themes: The first talks about the establishment of AKP and how it reached the rule while the second concentrates on the issue of veil from the beginning and how the party takes interest and its future by showing the position of secular powers towards the party.

Mate-Taking Diplomacy In The Qatari Foreign Policy

yab; Id-howi Jaffal Al-Su; Mushrif Wasmi Al-Shammery

مجلة دراسات إقلیمیة, 2010, السنة 6, العدد 17, الصفحة 241-283

Linguistically "mate taking" means relationship and friendship. Legitimately it means illegal relationship .We have adopted this term not to describe Qatari's diplomacy itself as having new style in the diplomatic work ,Yet to describe it from the viewpoint of those who deal with Qatar whiten they are governments or political movements ,and with whom Qatar has diplomatically dealt. Qatari's potentialities do not give it an effective role on the international and regional levels . For this reason it endeavored to play a regional role through working as mediator in solving regional conflicts among states or between states and same political or military movements resisting the regimes governing these states .It is wrath noticing that the nature of the Qatar –Saudi relations constituted another motive for Qatari in following this style of diplomacy seeking to scope the Saudi influence practiced towards the countries of the Arab Gulf, especially in the shadow of border disputes between the two states. In order to achieve this aim ,Qatar establishes a distinguishes relationships with the united states and after that (Israel)on the one hand , and promotes its relations with Iran and Syria on the other hand .Through this Qatar want to play the balancing factor in the regional relations in the Arab region ,and it was successful to a greet exteut supported by many factors the most important of witch are the financial and media potentials