ISSN: 1813-4610

Volume 5, Issue 14

Volume 5, Issue 14, Spring 2009, Page 9-284

Ships And Boats In Arab Gulf: A stiry of Glorious Struggle

Alaff; Ibrahim Khalil Al

Regional Studies, Volume 5, Issue 14, Pages 9-26

History of Ships connects with the history of human beings to open secrets of nature.Navigation gets high place among man’s discoveries. It tackles mans courage to explain the glorious story of ships and boats in Arab Gulf. We should return back to connect this paper with those fighters.
Islamic navigation had been distributed geographically between two Seas: Indian Ocean and Mediterranean and Ships in Mediterranean were different from those in Indian Ocean and Arab Gulf.
It is well known that Arabs in Gulf area were professionals in ships and boats indnstry Since old ages and ships in the Gulf have got lateen sail. In this paper, we find a description for the most signify cant types of Ships in Arab Gulf. They are Baghla, Al – Boom. Al – Ghurab, Al – Ghalafa, Al – Jalbud, Al – Taknat, Al – Tranki, Al – Sinbuk, Al – Beteel, Al- kanja, Al – Shuoee, Al – Bokara Al – Zarook, Al – Dunkiya and Al – Mashhuof.
As for centers of making Ships in Arab Gulf Kuwait was the most important Ports in Arab Gulf during 19th century and Later.
The Paper confirms the necessity to take Care in Sea Gulf heritage, documenting its events and characters by establishing a museum contains all types of Ships, pictures, types, forms, traders and makers who practiced this great profession across history in order to be a guide for the vitality of that people.