ISSN: 1813-4610

Volume 5, Issue 15

Volume 5, Issue 15, Summer 2009, Page 9-410

The First Beginning For The Rise of Modern official Education In Qatar

Alaff; Ibrahim Khalil Al

Regional Studies, Volume 5, Issue 15, Pages 9-24

National History of education in Arab Gulf States varies too much. Some States like Iraq have educational history retuns back in its roots to the second half of 19th century. We find that modern official education is considered a new phenomenon in all other states like Qatar which started in 1950’s. The Paper follows up the rise and development of the official education till the beginning of the 21st century.

Turkish Soviet Relations 1953-1980

Hanna Azzo Behnan

Regional Studies, Volume 5, Issue 15, Pages 25-49

This study shows the nature of Turkish – Soviet Relations for the period (1953- 1980), in which Soviet Union has adopted a new policy towards Turkey after the death of Stalin in 1953, which explains his retreat about the previous ambitions in Turkey as well as normalization it's relations with Turkey , after it had known the danger of Turkey's joining the N.A.T.O.
In fact, the previous decades have witnessed assort of improvement in their relations on both political and economic aspects after Turkey has followed anew multi-aspects foreign policy.

The European Role in the Reform in the Arab Homeland

Rawa Zeki Younis

Regional Studies, Volume 5, Issue 15, Pages 51-91

It is Impossible to explain developments that happened in the Arab and Islamic world separatedly the from the world, European and external interference. Which explains everything in the third world economy and Western economic interests, and the best interpretation of the facts is political. That politics and the interference of colonial entities created modern Arab states such as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and others.

Innovational Activities Information And The Estimation Of Technological Promotion Sources

Nawfal Kasim Ali Al-Shahwan

Regional Studies, Volume 5, Issue 15, Pages 93-138

This study aims at analyzing the reality of the Information Systems for the industrial innovation activities and testing the range of its setting the key gates of the technological promotion, throughout estimating the imparts of Human Capital H/C and research and development R&D on technological progress at the level of many industrial organizations in Iraq.
The access to those two aims approved the guess and the hypothesis of the study, that’s the existence of the local basement for setting the process of scientific and technologic catching-up. This is done by getting significant and positive effects of H/C accumulation and R&D growth on the technological change accounted within the industries of Cement, Sulphur, and Weavings.
The study reached many conclusive results prevailed the vital importance for those factors of the innovational activities (i.e. R&D and H/C) in technological progress, but no returns from the last one on those factors. The study also found some negative relations due to; either the serious uninteresting of the sources of technological promotion; or to the poor information system. These results in turn suggest the necessity of adopting the relevant policies and generating it to the all scientific and industrial fields

The Strategic Importance For Transportation Sector And Its Effects to Increase and Grown The System Attractive Tourism Areas In Syria: Economical-Statistical Study

eel Ameen; Fareed Isma

Regional Studies, Volume 5, Issue 15, Pages 135-156

This paper aims to study the consideration, that there is a power relationship between tourism and transportation sectors, specifically Syrian railway sector influencing tourism sector today by many different problems which correlated to art cases be longed to it as transportation. So as it must be do Syrian tourism sector through increasing and grown transportation sector. Which play important role in Syrian attractive tourism movement and assistant it with investment to offer successfully solutions for movement tourism in it.

The Impact Of The Economic Corruption On Developmental Activity In Developing Countries Analytical Study

Souhila I. Imansoran

Regional Studies, Volume 5, Issue 15, Pages 157-186

Both developed and developing economies suffer from the most important economic problems, that undermine the bonds of economic development, i. e. the problem of corruption control. It affects economic policy planners and decision makers. It is a wedge widespread in various forms such as the hidden economy, organized crime and money laundering, and tax evasion.. etc.
Corruption has evolved and has its own mechanisms and criteria in which recorded by grades and commercialized every economy evaluating the effects of corruption on its economic growth with remedial measures to combat its new or renewed extensions. These subjects of are sections of the current paper has. It found that the problem have to be corrected within the role of the State as a set of procedures: economic and political, social, cultural, media, and education.

Turkish Iranian Relations Between Cooperation and Competition

Luqman Omar Mahmood

Regional Studies, Volume 5, Issue 15, Pages 189-226

This paper deals with the Turkish-Iranian Relations during the last decade of the previous Century which were between improvement and tension in its political aspect and cooperation and competition in its economic and security aspect.
The paper also handles internal and external factors which controlled the path of relations between two states as well as obstacles which stood against any development and improvement of these relations

Sources Of Nominal Fluctuations of Exchange Rate in Turkey for the period (1980-2002)

Saadoon Husain Farhan

Regional Studies, Volume 5, Issue 15, Pages 229-248

This research discusses important subject(Sources of nominal fluctuations of exchange rate in turkey) by the beginning of the eighties of the last century , the research aimed to study and analysis these sources in Turkey for the period (1980-2002) , and explain the causes of this fluctuations in exchange rate and appointing its nature by depending on theoretical analysis and the empirical analysis.
The research depended on hypothesis which was: the money shock (the growth of high money supply) and the external shock which carry the money style (increasing in capital flows),were the main responsible about the wide- fluctuations in the exchange rate of Turkish Lira.
The two stage least square method (2SLS) had used for estimating the model which had used in this research , and the research arrived to some results, the most important result was: the money shock and the external shock (which carry money style) were the main sources of the fluctuations in Turkish Lira exchange rate , and confirmed the hypothesis of research.

Economical And Cultural Dimensions For Japanese Policy Toward The Arab Gulf States

Adnan Khalaf Hameed Al-Badrani

Regional Studies, Volume 5, Issue 15, Pages 249-278

The Japanese Foreign Policy towards the Middle East including Arab countries and the Cooperation Council of the Arab Gulf States has not paid any attention to the Middle East affairs, at least during the 1950s and 1960s. This is due to the American guarantee to Japan concerning the availability of the latter's oil needs from the States of the region. After power crisis, represented by the oil ban by the Arabs following October war 1973 which had great repercussions on the Japanese economy, political decision makers directed their attention to the Middle East especially the Gulf oil States which provide Japan with more than 80% of its oil imports. Accordingly Japan tried to promote and support its relations with the Gulf States

Turkey And Developments On The Iraqi Land Till 2004

Ameera Isma; eel Al-Obaydi

Regional Studies, Volume 5, Issue 15, Pages 279-293

The importance of the Iraqi – Turkish relations in not only limited to it's impact on the two countries but it is also reflected on the regional and international security. Throughout the decade of nineties and till now, Iraq expressed a fact that it is keen on the necessity that Turkey should adopt the cooperation with Iraq not for the good of Iraq only but for the good of Turkey also.
The vitality in that is manifested in employing Turkey's with Iraq to develop its critical economy conditions but Turkey domestic, regional and international crises will certainly influence the Iraqi – Turkish relations and the framework of cooperation will be surrounded with problems that Turkey should settle. If these files remain unsolved by the means of the American – Israeli influence, that will reduce Turkey chances to strengthen the relations with Iraq, which wants Turkey to be an intimate neighbor through its relations with Iraq and the Arab Homeland in order to preserve the regional and the international security and stability.

Saudi Peace Initiatives Towards Arab-Israeli Conflict

Abdalrazaq kh. Mohammed

Regional Studies, Volume 5, Issue 15, Pages 295-316

The Saudi policy towards Arab-Israeli conflict since the end of 1970,s had shifted from refusal stage to the stage of taking up settlement conditions and the way of normalization of Arab-Israeli relations.Due to its excellent relations with the west, Saudi Arabia made more than one peace initiative to put an end to the conflict. the first was 1982 by King Fahad who was the crown prince at that time , which consisted eight points. the second initiative was by King Abdullah who was the crown prince in that period. the only difference between the two initiatives is that King Abdullah initiative reflected the development and variables in Arab- Israeli conflict within twenty years

Jordan Role in Arab-Israeli Settlement

khlidah Ibrahim

Regional Studies, Volume 5, Issue 15, Pages 317-338

The observer for Jordanian Policies towards Palestinian cause from the beginning of Israeli occupation will see mutual impacts between both parties.For some time time they are positive effects, whereas they are uegative on the other hand, the geographic factor is important hence Jordan is always careful about it.
Jordanian stand at the beginning of the Israeli occupation was within the Arab attitude that rejects basically the occupation and aims at get rid of it by all means. Then , Jordan turned to settlement with Israel because of requirements of of this stage, which distinguished by rushing in to settlement as for the Arab weakness and to achieve the region policies drawn by the great states.

The Future of political Reform In Egypt: Reality And Ambition

Mithaq Khyrallah Jalud

Regional Studies, Volume 5, Issue 15, Pages 339-375

The issue of reform in Egypt is considered on urgent issue as the rest of countries in the Arab Homeland In this respect, Egypt had witnessed during the last three years significant political changes Egypt after 2005 came through an amendment of (34) articles of the constitution and the most important of which is the article No.(76) of electing a Candidate for the presidency post. with regard to legislative elections, it recorded a new stage for the ruling party and its candidates got only (33.5%) of the seats in side the parliament whereas candidates of moslem Brotherhood got about (22%) in the parliament and it was an important event in the political life in Egypt.
Controversy inside political media in Egypt is turning about the ruling party and its plans for reform but we could find that most of that controversy does not come in the right direction..

The Role Of Magazines In Promoting The Awareness Of The Importance Of Reform And Change In The Arab Homeland

Hashim Hassan Hussen Al-shahwany

Regional Studies, Volume 5, Issue 15, Pages 377-410

Magazines being a means of Educating stands in the midway between a news paper and a book the success of magazines in reaching the good word which shares in spreading the awareness relating to the pupils situation with journalism by giving the space in the case of freedom of speech and expression.
These magazines have been affected as being apart of journalism and got relation with the rulers and the appearance of movements , political parties and laws of journalism. The magazines which come in to the limits of this form are too many like (al-muntada) which is issued by Arab thought forum (Amman) These magazines took care with the issue of reform and change Since its foundation also they participated in rising and discussing topics related to the Arab reality and internal relations as well as the international relations