ISSN: 1813-4610

Volume 3, Issue 7

Volume 3, Issue 7, Summer 2007, Page 11-344

Internal Developments In U.A.E. And The Role of Shykh Zayid Bin Sultan Al – Nihya In Setting up Bases of Modern State 1945 – 1971

Ibrahim Khalil Al- Alaff

Regional Studies, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 11-55

Shyikhs and rulers of Arab Emirates have recognized that the right way which makes their Emirates an economic and political power in Arab Gulf especially after the withdrawal of Britain early January 1968 and its intention before the end of 1971. That was the way of Union and collaboration and to block the road infront all foreign powers. Rulers of Emirates have reached to a decision in declaring the establishment of U.A.E. on December-2, 1971 and issued a temporary constitution. The state of United Arab Emirates focused its political effort by joining Arab league on December 6,1971 and the United Nations on December-10, 1971. Shyikh Zayid bin Sultan, the ruler of Abu – Dabi Emirate had been elected a president for the new state.
This state has become today an emerging example. constitutional establishments for the state have been founded represented by the Supreme council which included Emirate
Rulers and considered the high authority for the Union as well as the United National Council which included representatives of the Emirates. Those two councils represente the legislative authority of the state. As for the fedral court, it specialized in disputes and represented the Judical authority.
As for the Federal government, it represents the executive authority and the constitution remarks to a huge development in political and intellectual aspects especially its insistence on equality and social justice as well as the field of education.
The constitution also confirmed the rule of independent jurisdiction. As for the foreign policy, the constitution remarked that the state of federation aims at helping Arab and Islamic issues and making friendship and cooperation with all states.
Although oil is one of the most important resources in U.A.E., the state drew an economic policy. It seems that the comprehensive rise by the Emirates now has started since late of 1970's including financial aspect even that Abu – Dabi has become the political for the federation and Dubi the Financial centre and Al – Sharika the cultural base. This reflects the vitality of this state and its ability to match the developments of this age including politics economy, culture and technology to get today its high place among the states of the world.

Turkish Political changes TowardsThe Kurdish problem 1999-2006

Nawal A.Sultan

Regional Studies, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 107-139

The research highlights the Changes of the Kurdish problem in Turkey in the aftermath of Abdulla Ocalan's arrest, the leader of PKK.It deals with the most Significant aspects of the problem from the point of view of Turkish Politicans and its reflections upon the practical reality inside the Turkish Society especially the areas inhabited by Kurdish majority. The Research also talks about the strategic aim of PKK. In getting an independent state and Calling for the democratic rights (Political, Cultural and Economic) to reach possible answers for the Problem. The aim has got a regional Support and it was clear in Turkey's Seeking after the accession of E.U. The Kurdish Problem was one of the most Significant Points facing the Turkish government which needs – radical answers in regards to the Turkish Politics.

The Role of the (R&D) Efficiency and Technicality On the Economic Growth of Al-Kindy State Co.

Nawfal Kasim Ali Al-Shahwan

Regional Studies, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 141-187

The current information about the role of the scientific activities, due to research and development (R&D) in the economic promotion and in technological progress are internationally limited till at the advanced economies. It’s Scarcity doesn't make any difference for the macro or microeconomic level, and whether in the field of production or of research. Although that information are guessed and roughly estimated, yet it enjoy the favor of a big commensurate with importance in the evaluation of the performance and by what the economic importance does which the innovation activities acquire with the same or more.
This study aims to submit more information about the role of (R&D) efficiency and technicality for which one can expect reward in the hereafter through the economic evolutions for specialized research sector. That is from the estimation of an effects of the efficiency changes and technical changes, due to (R&D) in researcher's company in Iraq on the annual product measured by the value-added in it, on the economic growth, and on technological progress measured to it.
The study come out amongst the sequent that the research efficiency is positive's effects on the objective economic variables, which are the production, growth, and progress, unlike the effects of the development efficiency on it. While developmental technicality had positive's effects on the economic growth only.

Iranian- Saudi Relations 1941 – 1979 "A historical Political Study"

Mohammed A . Younis Edan

Regional Studies, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 189-210

The paper spots light on studying the relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia between 1941 -1979 and the most important regional and international developments which had left its impacts upon such relations.
These relation were characterized by stability and improvement all over the period of the study. It can be described since 1927 till 1953 as a stage of fixing and establishing these relations, as well as looking for means and methods of developing them As for the relations during the period 1953– 1964, we can say that it had witnessed `longstanding ways while the period between 1964 -1979, it was a flourishing period. Due to the huge compatibility between both states in the political, economic and security aspects which had been reflected upon the politics of both state, we can could see its roots clearly.

Conjunction in Turkish Language

Hassan Mohammed Farhan

Regional Studies, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 211-222

It is a tool which plays the function of conjucting
among words, phrases and sentences. Its function and
meaning become clear during the text and it doesn't
come single for it has no meaning alone.
In fact, conjunctions in Turkish language are not
existed in origin but the effect of other foreign
languages upon the Turkish language has become
necessary to enrich the Turkish language by this tool

Iranian and Sudia Arabia Relations 1979-2001 Political Studies

Mohammad S.A.AL-Kawaz

Regional Studies, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 257-316

This study tries to present details about the Saudi-Iranian relations on a political level during the period 1979-2001. the rise of the Islamic revolution in Iran in February 1979 was the big point in the relation due to the ideological approach adopted by Iran in its foreign policy. It was called “Revolution Export”. This has left a sort of tension in the region especially with the Saudi Arabia continued till the death of Khumani. Then, relations has become different and witnessed a remarked co-operation in all aspects after Mohammed Khatimi has reached the rule in Iran and signed a security agreement in April 2001.

The spread of Drugs In Saudi Arabia And Its Dangers upon The Generations In Future

Mithaq K. J

Regional Studies, Volume 3, Issue 7, Pages 317-344

Saudi Arabia during the last ten years witnessed a significant increase in the size of drugs problem . The drugs materials during 1970 were too little. Then in 1980 had witnessed some increase. During the last five years the ratio of those who take drugs increase four times to reach in 2005 ''33.7%'' The increase in per capita in Saudi and the wrong information concerning drugs as well as the coming labour force all these fibers reflected the reasons behind the spread of drugs which threaten all society. Therefore, Saudi Arabia tries to make good efforts to face this danger boot it needs some concentration upon informative aspect.