ISSN: 1813-4610

Volume 2, Issue 5

Volume 2, Issue 5, Winter 2006, Page 1-238

Turkish Foreign Political Behaviour Towards Iraq After April, 9th, 2003

Ibrahim Khalil Al-Alaaff

Regional Studies, Volume 2, Issue 5, Pages 1-21

Turkey's recognition of the Iraqi state which has established in 1921 delayed till 1926 when the question of Mosul has been solved after the League of Nations has issued a re solution in December 1925 keeping Mosul Welayet within the border of Iraqi state. Although Turkey has accepted the resolution and fulfilled it but still the Turks remained waiting chances in finding means that could help them in achieving their own ambitions by modifying borders on the protest of preventing armed elements of P.K.K. from penetrating the Iraqi Lands.
During the Gulf war II 1990-1991, different Turkish military intervention, presenting facilities for Us forces in applying No-Fly Zone north of Iraq. After U.S.occupation of Iraq, Turkey tried to apply the idea of sending military forces into Iraq mid of september 2003, issuing statments Concerning the problem of Kirkuk City.
This Paper is an attempt in following up the Foreign political behaviour of Turkey towards Iraq after April, 9th' 2003.

Turkish –Iraqi Oil Relations 1977-2001

Hanna A.Behnan

Regional Studies, Volume 2, Issue 5, Pages 22-50

In general, petrol was the main factor in the development of the commercial and economical relation in particular, and solving Mosul problem. To charaeterize the relations by intimacy. The first petrol pipelines were. Constructed in 79s and expanded in 80s of 20th c., from karkouk fields to Turkish ports. That step enchanced Turkish economy throush a chieving economical benefits from the parsing of petrol piplines in its lands and guarantees the petrol it need.
During the Gulf first war, Turkey was the only outlet for Iraq to export its petrol and to import the goods. So, Turkey increased its commercial relations to fulfill its need of raw material. Then Turkish commercial balance recorded incapability (failure) as the result of the increased importing of Iraqi Oil.
The Iraqi natural gas formulated a great importance in the level of International energy scope. As it substituted coal firstly, Turkey's urgent needs secondly, and Iraq having a huge quantities of it; thirdly. Those were the main reasons for Turkey to think to construct gas pipelines from Iraq and to join it with Eastern Eourpe ones. Till this time, the gas transmitting pipelines are unsuccessful.

Saed Al-Nawrasi And The Contemporary Turkish Political Thought 1873-1960

Fikrat R. Al-Sayed

Regional Studies, Volume 2, Issue 5, Pages 51-77

This paper tries to find points of view among thinkers and researchers relating to the problem among them concerning the religious dimension in writings of Badi Al-Zaman Saed Al-Nawrasi.Some of them studied his political through the western vision of politics and others through Islamic vision.Thus it is called "Al-Nawrasi Politics".
Al-Nawrasi speech forms a renewing form-enlightened and revolutionany. It can`t be far from its comprehensive-cultural renewed project in Islamic Contemporary Life. His political work was not only partial in all his project but it was the most important part in its sense"Messages of Al-Nur" born from the Holy Quran and Al-Sunna.
The revival project of Al-Nawrasi in Turkey can`t be separated from other rivial` renewing-and reformist projects written by those who had come before Al-Nawrasi.

Religious Dimension in The Zionist Political Thoughts

iz Salih Mahmood

Regional Studies, Volume 2, Issue 5, Pages 78-108

It is axiomatic all the way through history & in all societies that Politics has almost always always used religion & contrastivel, religion has benefited from Politics. This paper entitled. ''The Religious Dimension in the Zionist Political Thought'' the Political pattern adopted by Israel as an outstanding & clear– cut example for such an interference in all its relevent aspects. Concomitant with this topic is the research into the ideoligical grassroots of Zionism, its objectives & conduct with the jews & others, besides its attempts at injecting asort of religious legitimacy, in to yhe Zionist movement resorting to force as a mainstay doctrine & safety– valve . In this study I have adopted the historical– analytical approach which best suities my subject.

Resources of Economic Growth at MENA and World Sustainability Approaches of Activities

Nawfal K. Ali Al-Shahwan

Regional Studies, Volume 2, Issue 5, Pages 109-143

This Study aims to determining and analyzing the sources of Economic Growth at MENA and the Sustainability Approaches of Activities with the world regions between (1999-2003), in which found two discriminated subsets: the first; of natural resources for transitions and the other for catching up.
The Economic indicators of growth referring to the abundant of catch-up basics, but can't crossing constraints like Unemployment and the shortage with human capital development. The first constraint affects growth directly, but the other can do through out of the most important component of growth, technological progress rates.
The Study found that these relationships are significant and on the right directions, but it's conveying the warranted ranges for abroad act depends on the governments and their procedures in creating the appropriate market and environment in order to capture the goals.

American Missionary Activity In North-West Persia 1833-1870

Hisham S.Hashim

Regional Studies, Volume 2, Issue 5, Pages 144-168

U.S.relations with Persia returns to 1850's. It is a late relations if it is compared with the relations of Persia with European states at that time. Since that time, the political, economic and cultural exchange has grown. Missionary represents the beginning of the real American existence in Persia. The First two missionaries have reached Persia at the end of 1830 to work among Nustarians and Armans.U.S. missionaries tried to achieve its goals by providing medical Services, establishing schools and issuing puplictions. Americanworked in Persian cities with doctors and nurses to give a hand for a number of Patients. As for the edu cational Field, the missionaries have Paid attention for seeing their Services a means in achieving their aims by opening schools for male and female. They Were able to present a model for religionus instruction to those who were living in these areas especially the Nustarians.



Regional Studies, Volume 2, Issue 5, Pages 182-215

The study aims at knowing the Jordan- USA relation during the period 1991- 2003 and the most important development and political cases which reflect the relations between both states. The study concludes that strategic relation between Jordan and USA. Have come as a result of interest of both of them and the harmony of political whether on the level of their bi-relation or on their foreign policy level towards regional and international cases.