ISSN: 1813-4610

Volume 1, Issue 3

Volume 1, Issue 3, Winter 2005, Page 1-122

The basic Law (Constitution) of 1925 And lts Connection with the concept of Democracy In Iraq

Ghanim M . AL-Hafou

Regional Studies, Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 1-17

The research tackles the question of issuing “the first permanent Iraqi constitution” in 1925 since the formation of modern Iraqi state and the evolution of the royal Regime in Iraq, than the amendments applied on it till its abolition after the declaration of the republic in July, 14, 1958 . The research mentions negative and positive points of the constitution comparing it with the successive republic reigns which held the temporary constitutions and this formed a shortage and urgent need for a rightful constitutional Iraqi life.


Regional Studies, Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 51-66

There is relation between export performance , Which means the export growth & export stability with economic growth , The problem of this study is , is there significant effect for export performance on economic growth in Iran & which starts from hypthesis that export performance in Iran neither determine large percentage nor high significant effect of this growth .The study was used quantitative analysis to explain the relation between export performance & economic growth .The study included three sections , the first went to the theoretical frame & previous studies , while the second went to the model specification & to prepare the variables & data resources ,while the third section specialized with estimating & analysis the effect of export performance on economic growth in Iran during the period ( 1990-2003) .The basic result which the study reached it came acceptable with hypothesis study that means , that the export performance don’t determine a high percentage of economic growth & don’t have significant effect on this growth .

Privatization of Economy in Jordan A “ Historical Study "

Nawal Abdul . Jabbar Sultan Al . Taei

Regional Studies, Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 67-81

No doubt , economy hes become the most imprtant circle in building any society and its political independen co The process of development depends on two basic factors the genel sector and the private sector . The paper deals with the importance of privatization in the in ternational economy in general and the privatization of economy in Jordan in particular . lt spots light on the firs beginning for this process and what adminstrative measures taken to reach this goal in Jordan . The paper also discusses the main sides of the process by studying the measures taken by the Jordanian government in the process of transformetior in the projects of general sector into the private one .

The agricultural bank in Iraq: A comparison study with some neighborhood states

S. Daowd; Hanaa

Regional Studies, Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 82-93

The formal agricultural credit agencies are the most important sources, because they are non-profit organizations, and its goals is to maximize benefits of farmers and provide advice's and directions, also they put low interest rate, comparing with private banks which put heavy requirements. Our study acquired its importance to identify and to attempt the credit services extended to small farmers through the agriculture banks in Iraq, Syria and Jordan. So our study based on the hypothesis which assume that there are differences in this countries for trends of guideline borrowing. the broad objective of this study to comparison also the guideline borrowing through the dispensation of the loans according to source, purpose, fate, activity and type and the interest rates in Iraq , Syria and Jordan.

Jordan and Gulf war III

fawaz M. thanoon

Regional Studies, Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 94-110

Gulf war III is considered a turning point in the middle east history for it left effect upon all statses of the area .
The research spots light on Jordan attitude one of the regional states bordering iraq as well political development , of the iraqi case since its emergence on the arab and international scene after the gulf war II in 1991 .

The researcher states that Jordan has tried to prevent a new war in the area it has destructive effect not only upon iraq but also upon the whole area . Jordan has deeply done its best in the direction to rearrange the picture of its relations with iraq after the war to insure joine interest