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1 College of Law/ University of Mosul

2 Collage Of Law/ University of Mosul


The means and methods of fighting in contemporary armed conflicts have evolved with the technological development taking place in the military field and the weapons industry, so cyber-attacks that take from cyberspace have emerged as a new field of war, and countries and international organizations have made unremitting efforts trying to organize them, and the most important result is the "Tallinn Manual" on International law applicable to cyber-attacks. This research attempts to shed light on cyber-attacks by clarifying what is meant by the concept of cyber-attacks, and focusing on the extent to which the principle of proportionality is applied to this type of attack as the principle or element on which the legality of the use of force depends on the application of force in the law of armed conflict, and the statement of the jurisprudential difference about its subjection to the rules of law It was developed at a time before the emergence of cyber-attacks and to identify the most prominent challenges facing the application of proportionality, and finally includes a conclusion containing the most important conclusions and recommendations that we reached during our research.


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