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College of Law - University of Mosul


Despite the great benefits of artificial intelligence technologies on humanity, they have negative effects. The use of artificial intelligence entities may result in mistakes that are considered crimes in the eyes of criminal law. Then the issue of the party that bears criminal responsibility for these crimes is raised. Is the human party, whether it is the factory? Or the programmer or the user, the general rules in criminal responsibility may help us find solutions to this issue, but it may be more complicated if the crime was committed by the same artificial intelligence entity of the developed type by an independent decision without control or human error, so can the entity be held accountable for This crime, so the research has dealt with the possible hypotheses of criminal liability in those cases after presenting the concept of artificial intelligence and its applications and the nature of the crimes committed or committed by it, and we concluded in the conclusion of the research by recommending finding a legal regulation for the design, development and use of artificial intelligence techniques, and inviting the Iraqi legislator to develop a strategy for artificial intelligence In a manner consistent with the nature of our society and the provisions of the Islamic religion .


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