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It is a group of words that express an idea, feeling, desire, and the like. A sentence in the Turkish language may consist of a word or a group of words. The research aims to bridge the gap in the Turkish and Arabic libraries, as there are very few studies entitled (The Sentence in the Turkish Language). The most important of which are: the original elements, the nominal, and the verbal sentences. Then the complementary auxiliary elements. What distinguishes the Turkish language from other languages is the structure of the sentence in the Turkish language. It contains two basic elements: the verb and the subject, and if one of them is missing, the sentence is not complete in meaning. It is noticeable that the subject in the Turkish sentence corresponds to the subject or predicate in the Arabic language, while the verb corresponds to the predicate. In addition to the two basic elements, there are other elements in the Turkish sentence, including the object and the object to it, to complement the composition of the sentence in the Turkish language. This is because the position of the elements in the Turkish language is not fixed except for the predicate, which comes at the end of the sentence which is a fixed rule in the Turkish language since ancient times.


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