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College of Business / King Khalid University / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



The research aims to identify the impact of quality activities on the value of the brand from the point of view of customers in banks in the Asir region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To achieve the objectives of the research, the descriptive and analytical approach and some statistical methods such as multiple regression analysis were used to test the hypotheses of the research. An appropriate sample of (408) was selected for some bank customers in Abha. The research reached several results, the most important of which was the level of agreement of the respondents on the impact of quality activities on the value of the mark is high. The research indicated that there is a partial positive significant effect of the quality of service on some dimensions of the value of the mark and that there is a positive impression when using the activities of quality of service in its tangible dimensions, care, and guarantee. As for the dimensions of reliability and response, it was not to the degree that satisfies the clients of the research sample, which indicates that banks in Abha city must carry out some required marketing procedures. In light of the results, a set of recommendations were proposed, most notably paying attention to the dimensions of service quality and giving priority to the dimensions of reliability and responsiveness.


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