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Directorate General of Education in Nineveh Governorate/ Iraq



The idea of nationality is the result of social development since human beings with his an innate tendency to live together in the form of groups. It evolved from its first concept as a bond of subordination linking the individual to the family or tribe until it reached what it is now as an expression of the individual's belonging to a particular state. So, the goal of the nationality bond is its link to the life of the state and the life of the individual, For the state, it is related to determining its pillars, but for the individual, it results in the acquisition of the nationality of a particular state enjoying the rights of patriots. With the increasing development of societies in the modern era, it has become necessary for legislation on nationality to stipulate granting it to individuals - human beings - as citizens of the state as well as granting it to ships and aircraft as an extension of the sovereignty of the state, hence the importance of the subject of research in a strange incident, which is granting the robot the nationality of a certain state. Thus, it was necessary to define the nationality of the robot and indicate the legal nature of this nationality and its pillars and provisions in three sections, it was found that there is no agreed definition of jurisprudence and law for this nationality and that the legal nature of it is nothing more than an organizational association.


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