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Mosul University/College of Law



The idea of public interest is a broad idea that varies according to place and time, as the administrative body must aim to achieve it in its administrative decisions to give it legitimacy. The importance of the research lies in highlighting the place occupied by the public interest in the administrative decision, as it is the main goal that the administrative authority seeks in all its decisions to achieve it for all members of society and protect it, based on that, the goal of the research revolves around the role played by the decision and the administrative judiciary in achieving the public interest and its protection. The research included two sections and a conclusion. The first section included the concept of public interest, while the second one dealt with the role of the administrative decision in achieving the public interest and the effectiveness of the administrative judiciary in protecting it. One of the most substantial conclusions that came out of the research is that the administrative decision has a key role in achieving the public interest and working to protect it because it is the desired goal of its issuance and that judicial control provides protection for the public interest by extending the judge's control administrative to discuss the legitimacy and appropriateness of administrative decisions and work to reconcile the authority of the administrative authority to issue administrative decisions and the protection of the public interest for administrative decisions for its active role in ensuring that the authority does not deviate. 


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