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College of Political Science/ University of Mosul



The process of political reform in Iraq became of political and strategic importance after 2014, because political reform in Iraq is not a natural development or the result of gradual reform, but rather a national issue imposed by many challenges and variables, including political, economic, and security, which Iraq is still experiencing to this day. The research aims to give a clear and accurate definition of the concept of political reform and to analyze and clarify the necessary mechanisms for political reform in Iraq. The importance of the research lies in the fact that political reform is a political, economic, and social necessity for the Iraqi political system, as well as a basic requirement in building national unity because political reform provides the elements of political construction and gives it legitimacy, the most important of which is the rule of law and the requirements of constitutional life and the provision of fair institutions that protect the interests of the citizen and society. The research section on two sections, the first one tackled the conceptual framework of political reform and included two demands. The second section dealt with the opportunities and challenges of political reform in Iraq after 2014 and was divided into two demands as well. One of the most important conclusions is that the process of political reform has become a fundamental necessity for building a secure and stable political system for Iraqi society, based on the application of the idea of political reform on the ground and commitment to it.


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