ردمد (ISSN): 1813-4610

الكلمات الرئيسة : Moderation and stability method

Moderation And Stability Approach In A changing World

Alaff; Ibrahim Khalil Al

مجلة دراسات اقلیمیة, السنة 7, العدد 19, الصفحة 9-25

Moderation does not mean to be with reality, but it is the capability in dealing with reality to change it and not accommodate with reality without changing it. This gives moderation, the call for stability method an importance. It refuses to be Subject to foreigner, and rejects backwardness, secession for this means losing rights.
Moderation belives in gradualism, suggesting alternatives and not to keep only by faithful intentions in reform.
There should be a continous work in providing good examples. It is the state of balance between extremism and upnormality from one side, negligence and default from another. Moderation is a method in life, politics and dealing with others. Moderation as a trend, extends a cross history, not being a historical and social state, but it is the product of a renewal movement. Moderation does not take the road of Violence to change things, but it justifies resistance against powers of occupation and foreign dominance.
Really, moderation, if it is being applied, it will lead to political and social stability, There is no development without stability and no stability without moderation. It is well – Known that standards of political and social stability may increase the chances of political openness and democracy linked with moderation in attitudes and behaviours.
Moderation in thought recognizes the other and doesnot refuse it trying to secure points of understanding with others. One of these fruits of moderation is to plant confidence among People of the country and this will spread the state of mercy, building Positive social relations and to be far from extremism and dislike and this helps in building society and a achieving a state of stability which prepares the scope of right social interaction.
The paper asks: who are qualified in our society to lead the approach of moderation to achieve stability, social safety, sustainable development?
We say, frankly, that they are the people of the Middle class. This class in our Arab world is facing deterioration and disjoining due to society attracting the few (Who holds every thing) and the majority (who have nothing).