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الكلمات الرئيسة : Iraq

Iraqi –UAE Relations 1969-1971

Bashar Fathi Jasim

مجلة دراسات اقلیمیة, السنة 12, العدد 37, الصفحة 211-236

The period of the paper represents a stage in the modern political history of Iraq. This period included the attitudes of Iraq and the first was the establishment of the United Arab Emirates as an independent state and its recognition officially by the Arab league and the United Nations. Iraq presented political support materially and morally to this state till its rise in December 2, 1971. This paper included three basic titles. The first is the talks about the establishment of this state. The second is the declaration of the state of Iraq. As for the third title، it is about the attitude of Iraq towards the occupation of the three islands (Tunb Al-kubra, Tunb Al-Sughra and Abu Musa) by Iran، We thrid through this study to show the role played by Iraq in supporting the Arab states and standing beside them in all troubles which faced these states.

EU and Iraq A Political and Economic Study 2003-2013

Mohammad Abdul-Rahman Younis al-Obeidy

مجلة دراسات اقلیمیة, السنة 12, العدد 36, الصفحة 61-109

The relations between the EU and Iraq have witnessed a significant shift after 2003 which was reflected through the growing of European interest in Iraq, and the compliance of the EU with strengthening and developing its political and economic relations with Iraq. The research attempts to study areas of cooperation between the two sides through the forms of political and economic support provided by the EU for Iraq after 2003

The future of Iraqi-Turkish relations in view regional security challenges

Wathiq Mohammed Barrak Al - Saadoun

مجلة دراسات اقلیمیة, السنة 10, العدد 31, الصفحة 289-328

Regional security challenges are considered the most important factors affecting in the present and the future of Iraqi's relations with its neighboring states general and Turkey in particular. Security dimension in regional and international relations had become the most effective factor reaching the region into dangerous degree which made the political movement unable to face the security positions. In this view, we can define four cases which may threaten the joint regional security between Iraq and Turkey. They are the existence of PKK north of Iraq, the problem of sharing water of Tigris and Euphrates, the Struggle in Syria and finally the development of Nuclear program of Iran and its consequences on the region's security.

The Turkish- Italian Relation(1828 -1938)

Hanna Azzo Behnan

مجلة دراسات اقلیمیة, السنة 9, العدد 30, الصفحة 71-104

This Study explains the nature of Turksh-Italian relationship during (1828-1938). Which Witnessed some improvement through the signing aribitration neutrality friendship agreement in 30 ,May, 1928,followed by commercial agreement in April,1934, But this situation didn't continue for a long time, because of the Italian expansion ambitions in the eastern regions of Mediterranean Sea especially the south western Parts of Turkey. Also Italy didn’t agree the invitatition for participating in an international conference to review the Turkish straits problem.

Relations, Iraq - Jordan after a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, Present data and future prospects

fawaz Mowafaq Thanoon

مجلة دراسات اقلیمیة, السنة 9, العدد 28, الصفحة 195-224

Relations have witnessed Iraqi-Jordanian period of U.S. occupation of Iraq, a remarkable development, contributed to the development of many of the political facts, prompting observers and political analysts to watch Mastúl to those relationships in light of fears of files are political took to emerge with the end of U.S. occupation of Iraq, and these files, security file, which took haunts decision-makers in both countries who seek to transit their relationship towards the further development and cooperation to maintain security and stability, which therefore constitutes a strategic depth for Iraq and Jordan alike

Re- Issuing Fata Al - Iraq News paper 2003 - 2009 in Mosul, lts National, patriotic and Islamic Directions

Fawaz Anwar M. Al- Shykh Ahmed; lbrahim khalil Al; Alaff

مجلة دراسات اقلیمیة, السنة 9, العدد 27, الصفحة 9-66

Mr. Ahmed Sami Al-Jalabi had found in the changes of Iraqi political life after the U.S. occupation and the fall of the regime on April, 9, 2003 the suitable chance to reissue the newspaper Fata – Al – Iraq aftir a stop of 34 years. The abolition of ministry of lnformation gave him the courage to do so and the freedom of issuing so many news papers. Al- Jalabi made great efforts in recording the news paper at journalists society. He tried to keep the Mosuli, National, Arab Islamic identity of the newspaper and to stand on the conditions of issuing the newspaper again which appeared for the first time in 1930. The owner of the newspaper confirmed the continuity of national themes of the first years of its issuing

Iraq and Jordan: A Study in the Political Relations 2003-2006

Fawaz Mowafaq Thanoon

مجلة دراسات اقلیمیة, السنة 8, العدد 26, الصفحة 193-226

This study deals with the path of relations, Iraq - Jordan through the stages of the historical period, particularly in the nineties of the last century and the stage of study, the salient feature of these relations is the variation in the level However, the convergence of the most striking feature of these relations that have evolved significantly in the wake of the U.S. occupation of Iraq, 2003, which established relations, Iraq - Jordan on new paths designed to reach the advanced relations reflects the desire of both parties continue to respect and cooperation and maintaining stability in order to contribute to these interests in the formation of strategic depth for both the two neighboring countries.

Oil Industry in Iraq Fact and Ambition

Abdalrazaq Kh. M. Altaee

مجلة دراسات اقلیمیة, السنة 8, العدد 26, الصفحة 317-348

Oil Industry in Iraq periods of fluctuation due to wars, economic sanctions and looting and destruction acts since the last war.
The deteriorating of economic situations in Iraq made oil at the first stage as it is the only financer for the operational and developmental state budget, therefore, there is a great responsibility imposed on the government that it has to take important measures to get rid of the ghost of economic deteriorating.

Iraq-Turkish Relations (2005-2010) APolitical_Economic Study

Hanna Azzo Behnan

مجلة دراسات اقلیمیة, السنة 8, العدد 25, الصفحة 59-85

This paper studies the nature of the political & economic relations, which prevailed between Iraq & Turkey after the Iraqi General elections in January, 2005 until 2010. These relations witnessed a great deal of development, especially after Turkey reconsidered its intervening policy in the Iraqi internal affairs; they reached the ultimate level by signing the joint political Declaration Agreement in July 10, 2008, which is regarded as a beginning of a new era for bilateral relations, according to which the supreme strategic cooperation Council between the two countries has been established.

Iraq –Egypt RelationsAnd Its Future perspectives

Hashim Hasan AL-Shahwani

مجلة دراسات اقلیمیة, السنة 7, العدد 21, الصفحة 273-307

Iraq and Egypt relations have passed through various stages and
fluctuations due to political conditions between both countries. In
general, these relations were good and be better in future in the light of
political and economic openness. There are many indicators (political,
economic, forming high committee to build relations). These can be
taken into consideration to support this idea at present and in future
especially both countries are cooperating during crises. They are
signifycanas which show a concrete correlation between both brothers

The Future of Iraq's Relations with The Gulf States In The political Aspect

Mithaq Khyrallah Jalud

مجلة دراسات اقلیمیة, السنة 7, العدد 21, الصفحة 337-369

Although Iraq represent a part of Gulf states ,but the difference in ideologies was always the direct obstacle in the process of in targeting Iraq with its Gulf. But one who follows both Iraqi and Gulf affairs will know that the existence of Iraq within a Gulf system may make the regional bloc one of the most important ones in the middle East. moreover, it will have an international effect. But all this may be guaranteed the Seriousness of both leaderships.
From have, the nature of Iraqi-Gulf relations stay dependent on the policy adopted by Iraq towards Gulf states. Also the Seriousness of these states in dealing with Iraq in accordance of to a new political mechanism.

Iraq’s Unity and Stability in a changing World

Alaff; Ibrahim Khalil Al

مجلة دراسات اقلیمیة, السنة 7, العدد 20, الصفحة 9-21

The new idea of dividing Iraq is not new but old, connected in a
way or another with the economic a mbitions of the west and the
security of Israel. Those who adopted this idea coudnot perfom it
actually not becamse they unable only but because that Iraq is
opposed the idea of dividing Iraq as country and ground and People
that undividable. Its People and ground are united based on
geographic and historical facts.

Determinants Of Iraqi Neighbors' Current Account (1985-2000)

Taha Younes Himmadi

مجلة دراسات اقلیمیة, السنة 4, العدد 10, الصفحة 109-123

The two latter decate of twentieth century saw combination of events caused the international economic environment less conductive to economic growth and created combination of domestic and external determinants which contributed to a serious deterioration in the current account positions of most developing countries of which geographic neighborhood countries of Iraq.
This study aims to estimation and analysis the domestic and external determinants of current accounts of neighborhood countries of Iraq , starting from hypothesis says “That the domestic determinants are more significant than external determinants in its affect in current accounts of geographic neighborhood countries of Iraq”.
The study reached to important result shows that the domestic determinants more significant in its affect in current accounts of geographic neighborhood countries of Iraq and this result is suitable to the study hypothesis.

The Future of Iraq – Turkey – Iran Relations 1923 – 2007

Taweel; Rawa Zaki Yonis Al

مجلة دراسات اقلیمیة, السنة 4, العدد 10, الصفحة 100-108

The view of the world and the including three states (Iraq, Turkey and Iran) has changed greatly after the end of the cold war and the domain of the single pole upon the international politics. The nature of the geographic neighboring and the joint historical ties full of positive and negative periods might affect the product of these states. This princible applies on these three states in order to share forming the political scene within this region.

The Iraqi Project to Provide Saudi Arabia with Water

Rayan T. Mahmood

مجلة دراسات اقلیمیة, السنة 3, العدد 6, الصفحة 161-180

At the end of 1950s',King Saud Bin Abdul-Asis had presented an idea Concerning with drawing Waters from South of Iraq. The aim of these Waters is to provide drinking Waters and Waters for irrigation for the lands near by the Capital Al-Rayath,At that time, Correspondence between Iraq and Saudi Arabia have been exchanged ended in Contracting many primary and Consultative negotiations among officials of both Countries. Both Parties have agreed on fulfilling the project of with drawing Waters from the Iraqi Lands by choosing a suitable Location.
The first from Euphrates and second from shat al-arab.on this basis special technical designs have been prepared by the relative engineering companies.
The project has failed due to Some problems and difficulties facing it and this has led both Iraqi and Saudi governments to forget it and waiting for another chance to study it later.

Neighboring States Participation In International Trade

Muthana A.AL- Dabagh

مجلة دراسات اقلیمیة, السنة 3, العدد 6, الصفحة 115-133

Foreign trade is a vital indicator which shows state ability in productivity and competition inside international market. This indicator is related to this ability in exportation and income levels as well as its ability in importation and how is this reflected upon the state account from foreign currencies and the effects upon trade balance.
Trade relations among geographical neighboring states have remaimed weak and suffered from problems inspite of its joint history and being Islamic states but they still suffer from economic problems and the weakness of its structural productivity. They export oil and need so many types of goods not produced but imported from other states like agricultural goods and modern technology. Therefore, these states should coordinate its efforts and to be specialized in certain field. Producing few goods in these states might lead to severe competition without getting positive results.